Andy Day’s Dino Rap

On Sunday 3 September on the festival’s music stage Children’s Television presenter and Actor Andy Day will be starring in his own fantastic family show, Andy’s Dino Raps, which is full of interactive fun and catchy raps about everyone’s favourite dinosaurs.

Andy has fronted his own BAFTA-nominated series for Cbeebies, Andy's Wild Adventures as well as Andy's Dinosaur Adventures, Andy’s Prehistoric Adventures and he is currently filming his new series Andy’s Safari Adventures. These series have all been a massive hit with kids and parents alike and he also fronted Andy’s Secret Hideout and Andy’s Baby Animals.


Big Rory

Big Rory and Ochie the Dog are no ordinary street theatre characters. They explode onto an audience. A giant Scotsman and his endearing giant dog. Visually enormous, their characters are huge too. People (and often dogs) fall in love with Ochie. They look adoringly into his eyes, they can’t help cuddling him, but he’s a rascal too, full of surprises. This is one of the best street theatre walkabouts in the world.