Dundee Cake CompetitionOpen to all

Class 749 - One Dundee Cake

1st - £50     2nd - £30     3rd - £20

Sponsored by The Baker Trade of Dundee

Dundee cake is studded with juicy sultanas and flavoured with Seville orange, it is a deep cake which is traditionally round in shape but can be made in other shapes to accommodate customer requirements. Regardless of its shape, Dundee Cake is always decorated with blanched whole almonds which give Dundee Cake its iconic appearance. The cake should smell sweet and buttery and have an aroma of bitter orange. It may also contain ground almonds for extra richness and moistness and can be flavoured with sherry.

The following ingredients only may be used in the production of a traditional Dundee cake:

  • Salted butter
  • Sugar - caster, granulated, soft brown or dark soft
  • Free range eggs
  • Thick peel Seville oranges (concentrated or other - minimum 5%)
  • Finely grated orange zest (minimum 1%)
  • Plain cake flour
  • Sultanas (minimum 27%)
  • Whole blanched almonds (minimum 3%)
  • Sherry (optional)
  • Ground almonds (optional)
  • Split almonds (optional alternative for non-circular cakes)
  • Citric Acid (preservative)

These must then be mixed in the following order:-

The butter and sugar are beaten until a light and creamy texture is achieved.

Egg is then slowly blended, the Seville orange, peel and sherry (if used) is then mixed through. At this stage the flour is added and beaten. Once the mixture is beaten to a consistency which will support the fruit, the sultanas are then added. The sultanas are mixed in order to ensure an even dispersal. The mix is then weighed (depending on size) into the cake tins and almonds added to the surface of the cake mix uniformly. When the cake is being prepared in a circular shape, the almonds must be positioned to create the concentric rings which are a key characteristic of this cake.

Dundee Cake entries will be judged by members of The Baker Trade of Dundee, all entries should follow the above brief, ensuring that they are a traditional Dundee Cake.

Entries should be made on the official entry form. All entries must be staged by 7.45am, Friday 6 September.