Flower and Food Festival 30 Years logoInterpretation of this year's theme:

2018 is marking the 30th Anniversary of Dundee Flower and Food Festival at Camperdown Park, a year that will celebrate the history of the Festival over the 30 years it has been held in the park and perhaps a look at the future of the Festival.

The theme will allow Society’s, through their displays, to promote to the festival visitors.

This could be for example:

  • Photographs of the Society’s contribution to the Festival over the years
  • Examples of material produced by the Society at previous festivals / shows
  • Biographies / stories of growers that have participated in the relevant classes over the years
  • Changes in styles over the 30 years, different cultivars / floral art styles / popular classes
  • Ideas / suggestions for your Society’s contribution to the future of the Festival

The judges will be looking to see what extent each Society has integrated the theme into their stand displays

These are guidelines only, Societies do not need to comply with the above. They may have their own interpretation.